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Our Solutions

(SE)® Treatments

(se)® Treatments are performed by licensed physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors or osteopathic physicians who have training in dry needling as well as manual therapy.


(SE)® Deep Tissue Restoration

(se)® Deep Tissue Restoration can be done by licensed massage therapists, but often includes the collaboration of one of the primary therapists for skeletal corrections. This treatment does not incorporate dry needling.


(SE)® Custom Orthotics

(se)® Custom Orthotics are casted in house and then sent to our custom lab for fabrication. Our process and materials are different than conventional orthotics and help correct alignment without limiting natural movement.


(SE)® Video Gait Assessment

(se)® Video Gait Assessment is performed to identify biomechanical compromise that may be contributing to injury, as well as affecting performance.


(SE)® Rx Exercise

(se)® Rx Exercise can done by a primary therapist or a personal trainer under the guidance of a primary therapist. Strengthening and lengthening exercises are given to restore muscular balance and improve functional movement.

Through this process, pain is reduced and Human Performance Refined.®

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