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Achieve Your Body's Peak Potential

Experience a treatment that helps prevent future injury, improves your athletic performance and helps your day-to-day mobility.

The (se)® Approach

Structural Elements® looks at the body differently. Through years of refinement we have created a treatment that addresses the cause of structural imbalances within the body. We listen to your goals and bring your body to a level of peak performance representative of your ability, age, and fitness level.

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How It Works

Structural imbalances cause alignment issues, pain, or reduced athletic performance. Our therapists look at the body's global alignment, posture and balance in movement.

  • Find Adhesions

    (se)® therapists palpate around the fascia in a proprietary mapping pattern to find and rid the body of adhesions. Adhesions causing incorrect tension or pressure must be broken up before the bone structure can be corrected.

  • Remove Adhesions

    Using hands-on manual therapy and a range of other tools including dry needling, cupping, or electrostimulation, we remove the adhesions making correction of structural imbalances possible with a lot less force.

  • Correct Alignment

    Manual therapy techniques are applied to return the patient to correct alignment and posture. With adhesions removed and alignment corrected, pain is reduced, strength gained and range of motion realized.

  • I originally started seeing Kevan Creighton for pain from a torn rotator cuff. While a rotator cuff needs a surgical repair, he was able to help me to strengthen the muscles around the tear to eliminate the pain. Now I go routinely for maintenance. Always feel great after a treatment. Kevan is great!

    Todd Leichtle

  • Jevin Boardman and Jonathon Ferris are fantastic. I have found them both far more knowledgeable and helpful than the standard physical therapy approach. They work with professional athletes and don’t just give you stretches to do at home. They give a much more comprehensive treatment and talk through what’s happening and how to help correct it.

    Amy Nolan

  • Structural Elements® has kept this weekend warrior in the game. My back started having issues 5 years ago. Structural Elements® has allowed me to not miss any work and do the things I love. Tried physical therapy and chiropractors and neither provided the pain relief and increased mobility that Structural Elements® has.

    Michael Young

  • Luke really knows the body and reads the body amazingly well. I ALWAYS feel better in my body after my treatments! I love all the practitioners at (se)®!! Each are great in their own unique ways!

    Pam Miller

  • I just received my new custom orthotics and all I can say is Jonathan is a magician! SOOOOO...much better than what I had and the foot pain I had is disappearing everyday. I would HIGHLY recommend Structural Elements®!

    Jennifer W.

  • Jevin is amazing. I have an ankle issue which causes me to compensate with the rest of my body compounding my problem. Jevin has helped me to move more correctly and generally I feel much better overall.

    Kristin Tenorio

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