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  • Mike Spinnler

    USA National Ultramarathon Team Coaching Staff
    President & Team Coordinator of the Cumberland Valley Athletic Club
    Director of the JFK 50 Mile
    Two-Time Winner (1982 and 1983) of the JFK 50 Mile

    When I started seeing the staff at Structural Elements® in January 2015, I had been “living with” a number of lingering injuries that I thought were just part of my daily existence. Within a few weeks those “part of my life” injuries were gone and my power out-put on the bike improved significantly.  I’m talking like close to 10%!

    My 2015 bike race results have been my best in years and training his been much, much more enjoyable. I’ve since begun to send many of the athletes that I guide to Structural Elements and they too are experiencing similar results.

    The athletes of this area are blessed to have Structural Elements® to assist them in their pursuits of excellence.    

  • Juda Mcgannon

    14x Ironman
    40 Marathons
    2 Ultramarathons
    2 SOS Triathlons
    TransRockies Finisher
    Bay Swim Finisher
    MA in Exercise Physiology
    Licensed Massage Therapist

    Within three sessions, I was pain-free from a chronic injury that had limited me for two years. The regular therapeutic treatments I receive from Structural Elements® have helped me be the healthiest I have ever been while training for an Ironman.

  • Harvey Lewis III

    2015 USA 24-Hour Team
    Ultra Runner
    2014 Badwater 135 Champion

    Structural Elements® is a leader in the nation in body mechanics, sports therapy, and recovery. I have had extensive experience with Founder Doug Bertram as my medical leader for the Badwater 135, recognized by National Geographic as the toughest Footrace on the planet. His intuition, experience and concern are next to none. Doug Bertram is among the most knowledgeable professionals in the field of physical medicine. Structural Elements® innovative approaches are key to unlocking structural challenges to the body that hinder not only athletics, but a healthy lifestyle. They have helped me to reach the pinnacle of my sport, injury and pain free.

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